100% best Alpine Farmers' Milk

Pinzgau Milch is embedded in the National Park region Hohe Tauern – one of the most beautiful Austrian landscapes. The pristine, green meadows which cover the surrounding mountains with their succulent grasses are not only a delight to look at. They are also the basis for the farming- and the dairy-farming, which has been a lived tradition in the Pinzgau area for centuries.

The power of nature

These Alpine meadows and pastures are home to a special variety of savory herbs, grasses and tasty meadow flowers, which are echoed in the fresh and authentic taste of our products. Traditional agriculture at the highest level is the prerequisite for the production of our high-quality products.

at home In the mountains

Our Alpine farmers are at home in Salzburg’s mountainous regions Pinzgau and Pongau as well as in the neighboring Kaiserwinkl in Tyrol. Some 1.000 farmers entrust Pinzgau Milch with the gentle processing of their carefully produced milk. Every day, these small-scale farms, which have an average of 12 cows, face the particular challenges of farming in a mountainous region.

Here, a far cry from mass production, every cow still has a name. Species-appropriate animal welfare and animal health are paramount – our Alpine farmers make sure of that. The mountain meadows and high Alpine pastures are sustained near-naturally and provide plenty of space as well as the best of fodder, 100% GMO-free.

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