The Pinzgau Milch Produktions GmbH is a company that is deeply rooted in the region and its traditions. It was thought up and has grown here, its foundations were peasant mergers. Until today, it relies on the good quality of milk from pristine, farmed mountain areas. Here, lived traditions and contemporary processing methods go hand in hand. The Pinzgau Milch GmbH is proud of this – and that’s something you can taste!

How It All Began

In 1934, 24 farmers from the area of Saalfelden merged to form a milk collecting cooperative. Five years later, dairy farms in Zell am See did the same. In the year of 1958, they joined forces and the dairy company Pinzgauer Molkerei reg. GenmbH was formed. In 1962, milk processing began at the newly built site in Maishofen. 


Growth & Success

Ever since, there has been a steady investment into the expansion of production facilities and capacities. In this way, a milk processing company of international stature has developed out of the former, small structured cooperative. Today, Pinzgau Milch is 80% privately owned and to 20% the property of the Pinzgau Milch registrierter Milchliefer- und Besitzgenossenschaft, a registered milk supply- and ownership cooperative.


Pinzgau Milch
Facts & Figures

  • The Pinzgau Milch Produktions GmbH has a workforce of about 220 employees.
  • 57 % of the milk supplied is organic milk, 23 % of this is organic hay milk.
  • 1000 farmers entrust Pinzgau Milch with their milk.
  • An annual revenue of 109 million Euro is generated.
  • The small-scale family-owned and -run farms have an average of 12 cows.
  • Certifications: IFS, BRC, AMA-Gütesiegel, AMA-Biosiegel, Bio and GVO.

(As per 2019)

Quality Assurance

Satisfied customers are very important to us. To Pinzgau Milch, the high standards in quality are not just empty words. Freshness, quality and the rapid availability of the products are cornerstones of the traditional company, just like reliability of delivery, innovative packaging and novel technologies. We know how important well-trained staff is for the quality of the products and the best service. That is why at Pinzgau Milch, we put special emphasis on continuous education and training of our 205 motivated dairy professionals and employees.
The annual IFS-certifications show that quality management remains the highest priority for Pinzgau Milch. We uphold the highest standards – and our products are marked with the AMA organic seal, the AMA seal, the EU organic farming seal, the FSC certification, the label “Ohne Gentechnik hergestellt” for GMO-free production, the international fair-trade-certification mark, the "International Food Standard" certification and are BRC food certified. The constant quality controls guarantee the consistent high quality of our products. The physical and chemical controls as well as bacteriological analysis ensure our high standard during the whole production process. Cleanliness and hygiene of the facility according to HACCP-requirements are a matter of course.


Environment and Climate Protection

Pinzgau Milch has been a partner of Altstoff Recycling Austria AG (ARA) for many years and thus makes an important contribution to active climate protection. The ARA ensures that the packaging of our products is collected and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. This saves the environment around 1,568 tons of CO2 a year, which corresponds to greenhouse gas emissions of over 13 million kilometers by car. All in all, the separate collection and recycling of packaging waste in the ARA system results in an annual saving of around 520,000 tons of CO2 across Austria. And that has a lasting impact on our environment.



The Kaiserwinkl Alpine Dairy

The milk of about 60 farmers from the region is processed daily in the Kaiserwinkl Alpine Dairy in Kössen. Founded in 1939 as the "Dairy Cooperative Kössen" and extensively renovated in 2013, this branch of the Pinzgau Milch produces Almsenner cheese specialties with the best Alpine, organic and hay milk. Unspoilt nature on the mountain meadows and high Alpine pastures with its variety of species of mountain herbs, grasses and tasty meadow flowers: All this is echoed in the fresh, authentic taste of our high-quality products.

You can find us here:
Kaiserwinkl Sennerei, Mühlbachweg 3, 6345 Kössen

If you have questions or want to know more about the Kaiserwinkl Alpine Dairy, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone +43 5375 5331.

Sennereiladen Kössen

Ob als feines Geschenk oder für den eigenen Genuss: In unserem Sennereiladen bieten wir die Vielfalt der Almsenner Käsespezialitäten an. Natürlich dürfen da die vielen Köstlichkeiten der Pinzgau Milch nicht fehlen. Dazu haben wir eine feine, schmackhafte Auswahl an regionalen Produkten wie Speck, Honig und feine Brände im Angebot. Diese lokalen Spezialitäten, die nach traditionellen Handwerksverfahren hergestellt werden, tragen den Geschmack der Region in sich. Pure Nachhaltigkeit zum Genießen!

Montag bis Freitag von 08:00 - 12:00 und 14:00 - 18:00 Uhr
Samstag von 07:30 - 13:00 Uhr

Hier finden Sie uns:
Mühlbachweg 3, 6345 Kössen

Hier erreichen Sie uns telefonisch:


Milch- und Käseladen Maishofen

Milch- und Käseprodukte der Pinzgau Milch sowie regionale Spezialitäten: Im Feinkostmarkt am Molkereigelände Maishofen legen wir Wert auf nachhaltig erzeugte Produkte aus der Region. So schmeckt gelebte Tradition mit zeitgemäßen Verarbeitungsmethoden! Im Kühlregal reihen sich die hauseigenen Käse-Spezialitäten und in den Regalen warten Speck, Honig und feine Brände auf Sie. Unser Tipp: Die Pinzgau Milch-Geschenkskisterl.

Montag bis Freitag von 07:30 bis 18 Uhr
Samstag von 8 Uhr bis 13 Uhr

Hier finden Sie uns:
Saalfeldnerstraße 2, 5751 Maishofen

Hier erreichen Sie uns telefonisch:


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