Gouda, Tilsiter & The Black Edition (3 varieties)

Semi-hard cheese natural or with chili and pepper / wild garlic and chive / summer truffle preparation. The basis for our cheese specialties lies in our region. There are probably only very few places in the world with such a spectacular natural variety like the Pinzgau region. Here, in the middle of Europe’s largest nature reserve area, the Hohe Tauern National Park, you will find one of the richest natural landscapes in the Alps. The natural pastures of the region are abundant with a wealth of flowers, herbs and grasses – and these are the grazing fields of our farms’ cows, which are generally family-owned with an average of 12 cows each. Each of our specialties is made with only the best ingredients.

Also available in your private label.

Semi-hard cheese, FDM: 50 %
Milk type: Pasteurised cow’s milk
Lactose: Lactose-free
Coating: Paraffin wax


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