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HDPE Bottles

HDPEPinzgau Milch provides a bottle filling facility for your products, packaging with HDPE bottles, which is becoming ever more popular, especially in the milk field.

You can select between mono bottles, 3 layer bottles and 6 layer bottles. Most of them have grooves for stabilization, which also improve handling for the customer.

The current bottle family is made up of the following sizes: 125 ml, 200 ml, 250 ml, 330 ml, 500 ml and 750 ml.


We provide you with the world's favourite packaging for dairy products in a carton. The gable pack with and without practical screw-type cap.

The sizes available are: 1 l, 0,75 l and 0,5 l.


Our HDPE bottles receive professional packaging by means of our sleever machine. The shrink sleeve can be made of either OPS or PVC, and via heating can adapt to the most unusual bottle form. Slim remains slim and round remains round.

Blister Packaging

Multipacks are continuously gaining in popularity.

The packing sizes we provide are: 4 x 125 g and 4 x 200 g bottles or 6 x 125 g and 6 x 200 g bottles.